You Know You’re Ready to Travel When…

You Know You’re Ready to Travel When…

Five Signs That You’re Ready to Start Exploring the World



If you’re like me then you’re a little taken aback by change. You like change but it’s scary and sometimes it keeps you from exploring and trying different things. You considered going away for school but ultimately decided to stay in your hometown with your friends and family that you couldn’t imagine leaving for a long period of time. But then, suddenly you notice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., that all your former high school classmates and friends are taking off, going to Greece, Brazil, Paris, China, Spain (Woo Spain!) and any and every cool country the world has to offer. You start to think, “Hmm maybe getting away here and there wouldn’t be so bad. They seem to be having fun,” and that piques your interest enough to browse the cheapest tickets you can find to anywhere. Next thing you know, you’re off to see the Taj Mahal in India. So, how did you get to this point? How did you get from wanting to stay close to familiar surroundings to wanting to cross the seven seas? As Oprah would call it, you had your “aha!” moment. Your “aha” moment probably consists of the following:

1. You start to live vicariously through your traveling friends’ social media accounts.
We all have that one friend that seems to be going somewhere new every couple of months and so every time he/she does go somewhere, you can’t wait to see what photos they post next about their travels. Then you sit there wondering what it would be like to go to that country or any country in fact. Yeah, that probably means it’s time to stop wondering and start planning. Why live through someone else’s photos when you can make your own memories and your own experiences?


2. You start hypothetically booking tickets to anywhere.
Have you gone on numerous travel sites to see which would give you the cheapest travel package to the cheapest country to travel to? I know I’ve done it, numerous times actually. You’re just itching to go anywhere, even if that means you know nothing about that place. All you know that the price is right and a friend of a friend of a friend went there a few months ago and had the time of their life. When that moment comes, it’s time for you to take a step back and methodically plan before you start booking a ticket to anywhere. The most important part is that you now know that you’re ready to venture out, now it’s time to plan and take the appropriate steps that will get you on the plane to your ideal destination. Keyword: PLAN.


3. Your bank account looks travel ready.
Traveling doesn’t have to be a costly thing. Of course it isn’t necessarily cheap but it doesn’t take having a Bill Gates’ bank account either. I know, it isn’t the easiest to save as a college student. It seems there’s always something you need to spend your money on, whether it be books or maintaining a life outside of the classroom. But have no fear, it only takes a little monthly savings. Once you have enough for a ticket, a place to stay, food and entertainment, cash for emergencies, and extra money to still be able to be okay when you get back, then I’d say you’re good to go. Also, before you go, try to have all your bills paid, more money, less problems.

4. You’re not as scared to leave home.

It’s always going to be a scary thing to leave home to go somewhere you know nothing about except for what you read on the internet and heard through the grapevine. However, you can be scared and still be ready to explore. Other than being a little scared, you are open to whatever feelings or experiences that come your way because you’re more excited to travel than you are scared. The ratios may have been slightly different before where you were more scared than excited and that’s because more than likely you weren’t ready but now you are.


5. You’re ready for a change.
“I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life. It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference.” I couldn’t write this part without thinking of Michael Jackson because he couldn’t have been more right. Sometimes change is good and it feels good. At this point, you want something different in your life. Maybe you’re bored and want some excitement or maybe you feel stagnant and want to revitalize your life. Traveling makes you feel alive again. Meeting new people, eating different foods, venturing into new cities, exploring new culture, it’s all such an invigorating experience; something you don’t get to experience back at home and you realize it and you’re ready for it all.

The list goes on, I’m sure I could name a million reasons of how to know you may be ready to travel but honestly the most important tell-tale sign is from within. You just know deep down inside that you want whatever the world has to offer. By all means, go for it. After all, why not get to know the world we live in, just as long as you're ready to do so.


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Stacey Leatham

Written by Stacey Leatham

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