Welcome Carleigh - Winter Immersion 2015

Welcome Carleigh - Winter Immersion 2015


Carleigh Caulfield

University of Connecticut

Communications with a concentration on Public Relations

We are very excited to welcome Long Island, NY native Carleigh on our Winter Immersion 2015 program! With a goal to reach the masses one day, Carleigh would love to work for either a magazine or in broadcasting. We know she is well on her way to with her studies in Communications at UCONN. Here is some other interesting facts about Carleigh. We are so excited for her to join the Winter 2015 program in Madrid!

"I am so excited to be in I think one of the greatest cities in the world. I have always wanted to go to Madrid and now I am so excited I finally have the opportunity to go!" - Carleigh Caulfield

-Currently on campus I am in the communication society, psychology club, and SUBOG a student organization at UConn 

-Ten years from now I see myself having an apartment in either Manhattan or Brooklyn but I want to have a job in Manhattan. I want to either work for a radio show, some type of talk show, or a magazine I can not decide yet haha! and hopefully been to other countries because I really want to travel all over in the future.

-For me the culture is what I am mostly excited about. I this Spain is just beautiful and so much culture everywhere you go. I want to learn more about it when I am there and be in a different environment then the United States. Everything about Madrid I think is just beautiful and such a sight to see. But I am defiantly mostly excited about the food!

-I would say my proudest accomplishment to date would be my acceptance to UConn my senior year of high school. I am from New York and applying to UConn from being out of state is very hard. It has been my dream school and I almost didn't apply because I was pretty positive I would not get in. The day I got in was the best day of my life and I just felt so proud and happy about myself that I got in!

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-When I meet people the characteristics that stick out to me is if they are kind, a good sense of humor, and asserts passion and uses it to move themselves forward in life. I just think being nice is the easiest and most important trait to have. If someone can make me laugh they are my favorite person. And I enjoy being in the same room as someone who is just positive and have a direction they want to head towards. My motto in life is to always be happy and to be the best person they can be in life and I want to be around people that cherish the same goals in life.

-If I could sit with one person to have coffee with it would be Beyonce. I would pick her because 1. She's Beyonce. 2. I love her music. 3. I really admire how powerful she is and how she does what she does for good not just for the money which I admire how good of a person she is.

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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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