Unnoticed or Unused College Services You're Paying For!

Unnoticed or Unused College Services You're Paying For!


College Girl's Guide: Unnoticed or Unused

College Services You're Paying For!

It’s no secret the price of a college degree is on the rise. Between tuition, room and board, and other supplies like textbooks, attending any private university in the United States will cost you $31,231 on average according to a recent study done by the College Board. Of course, you can find a wide array of loans and grants to help cover these costs. Yet the question stands, how do you get the most bang for your buck once you’re there?

Most universities offer their students a plethora of services, covering a variety of needs. Unfortunately, some of these offerings go unnoticed or unused. Make sure you get your money’s worth by taking full advantage of these resources your school may offer!

Tutoring Services

Many schools require you to study a diverse curriculum before scoring a degree, so you’ll likely come across subjects you don’t have a knack for. Luckily, that department may offer tutoring sessions for students in a similar situation! Ask your professor, advisor, or dean how to make an appointment and with a little help you’ll be an expert in no time. If the school doesn’t offer these services, your professor may have office hours where they are required to be available for questions. You’ll get the help you need, and the professor will remember your lovely face when it comes time to score essays.

Counseling Services

Schoolwork can be stressful. Pair it with an irregular sleep schedule, extracurriculars, and a diet consisting mainly of late-night pizza, and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re grappling with mental illness or just struggling to keep your head above water, your school probably has a team of trained professionals to help you sort through your worries in a healthy way. Don’t discount the value of having a sympathetic ear, and definitely seek out counseling services to give you a helping hand.

Group Exercise Classes

Everyone knows exercise keeps you physically healthy and mentally on top of your game, but who wants to spend an hour on the treadmill after a full day of classes? If you’re feeling bored with your daily workout routine, take a different kind of class at your school’s fitness center! They’ll likely have a schedule full of old classics and exciting new possibilities. Relax with yoga, build strength at kickboxing, or learn some new moves at a Zumba class, and you might find yourself dancing through the rest of the week. Plus, you’ll look and move like Shakira next time you’re out on a Friday night.

RA Programs

Sometimes, residential assistants get an unfair rep. In fact, your RA could hold the key to your next great outing! Most schools give RA’s a budget so they can plan fun activities and excursions for their residents. Even better, these events are often covered through the school’s budget. Switch it up with your friends and trade your typical Sunday breakfast-and-Netflix date for a day planned by your RA. Check out posters around your dorm building or ask an RA for this week’s schedule. Don’t live on campus? Don’t worry, many clubs across campus host similar events like dinners, shows, and even trips around your town. Get involved and bring your friends!

Career Development

Of course, we’re all at college to earn our degrees and further our careers. Sometimes it seems daunting to think about what lies beyond this endpoint. Every school has a department devoted to hooking you up with your dream job the best of their ability. Many schools have several divisions tailored to the skills you hope to build. If you’re still discovering which path to take, consider attending some workshops by recruiting companies. If you’re already working towards a definite goal, try getting in touch with your alumni network to speak with someone who’s had industry experience. Even better, many schools have Personal and Professional Development centers teaching everything from resume building to cocktail party etiquette. Taking advantage of these extra assets will give you an edge over the competition when it comes time to fill out applications.

Sure, college can cost a boatload. Ultimately though, the knowledge and skills you’re gaining are priceless. By being proactive and taking advantage of all the resources at your disposal, you can be sure on graduation day that you’ve gleaned all you could from the 4 years spent at your beloved alma mater.




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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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