Travel is Beneficial to Your Life

Travel is Beneficial to Your Life

Get Inspired to Travel

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Contributed by: Chelsea Garcia

Taking the opportunity to travel allows us to get away from our daily lives and do things and see places that are not in our normal routines. We gain life lessons and experience that allow us to grow as individuals. For me, that is my biggest inspiration to travel; I want to make memories and look back on how travel can contribute to my personal development. What inspires you to travel? Where do you want to go and why do you want to go there? If you need a little inspiration to convince you to go for that trip you've been thinking about, read my reasons to why traveling is worth it...

You become more open-minded and live in the moment. Traveling opens your eyes to new places, people, and cultures that make you a well-rounded person. Sometimes you’ll be put in places or situations that you might not be comfortable with because the cultural values are different. That is the beauty of traveling; it makes you more open-minded to ideas you never knew about before. You learn new things and become more knowledgeable about our world. Whenever you have an opportunity to try something new, live in the moment and go for it. You never know if you’ll have another chance to do it again and later on you will thank yourself for forcing yourself to do it.

You create life-long memories. I think the coolest thing after your trip is remembering back on all the little moments you experienced. You’ll probably hear someone talk about the place you visited or see it on television and you get to say, “Hey I’ve been there before!” You’ll remember all the beautiful scenery you saw, the unique food you ate, and the people you experienced it with. These are the memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life and these are the stories you want to be able to tell others about. Everyone has their own adventure to tell. Live it up and do it now.

You learn more about yourself. It teaches you to work hard toward a personal goal if traveling is something you are trying to save for. It helps you realize what your interests are based on the places you want to go and the things you want to do. You learn to live your life with no regrets and to take advantage of every opportunity you get. If going to a specific place was on your bucket list, you just became a little bit more accomplished. That is your personal growth. Let travel be your teacher and help you learn more about yourself. You may be surprised of what you are capable of.

You appreciate home and your life more. Sometimes, people say that they need a vacation from their vacation! After all the tour walking, food comas, and bad sunburns, going home to your own bed sounds a bit perfect. That’s the point of a vacation, to learn how to relax again once you go back to your normal routine. Although traveling is a getaway for all of us, there is really no place like home. At the end of your trip you feel so much more thankful that you got the opportunity to travel.

Treat yourself to a vacation, you deserve it. Perhaps a trip/internship in Spain? ;)

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Chelsea Garcia

Written by Chelsea Garcia

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