Tory Burch Foundation Entrepreneur Event

Tory Burch Foundation Entrepreneur Event

Tory Burch Foundation Entrepreneur Event

20140211-205630.jpg Tory Burch opening remarks at the Tory Burch Foundation


In late January 2014 I was invited to the Tory Burch Foundation and Bank of America Initiative. The Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs through small business loans, mentoring programs and entrepreneurial education.

It was an exceptional night! It was a room of about 80 female entrepreneurs, including myself, 8 mentors and Tory Burch. The mentors consisted of both men and women who represented large successful companies like, Fast Company Magazine, Facebook, Club Monaco, and Bank of America to name a few. Each mentor held a prestigious position at each company. To start the event the Mentors were told to give one piece of advice to us as a group and I wanted to share them here.

Debra Bednar, Global Director of Strategy and Growth for Creative Solutions, Facebook.

"Don't wait for it to be perfect".

Bruce Bozzi, Executive VP President, PALMS Restaurant Group.

"Be passionate. It's enlightening" by this he expanded on the importance to know all roles in your company and to work in each part to truly understand your employees and company.

Jeff Chu, Editor - At- Large, Fast Company.

"Be ruthless" "Have passion points" He really pushed knowing the important points of your company's mission to ensure you can convey your message quickly and effectively.

Karen Finerman, CEO and Co-Founder, Metropolitan Capital Advisors.

"Fake it! Believe it! Lead with confidence not with fear!"

Shazi Visram, Founder, CEO and Cheif Mom, Happy Baby.

"Be adaptable but not wavering"

20140211-205642.jpg Tory Burch Foundation Entrepreneur Event

20140211-205700.jpg Myself and Mentor, Jeff Chu, the Editor at Large at Fast Company Magazine.

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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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