Top 3 Spanish Cities to Visit Outside of Madrid and Barcelona

Top 3 Spanish Cities to Visit Outside of Madrid and Barcelona

Flamenco dancing. Sky-high gothic cathedrals. The popular party scenes. Spain is a country that should be on everyone’s travel list. Now, if you’re about to visit Spain for the first time I’m guessing you only have Barcelona and Madrid on your list of cities to visit, but the opportunity to go sight-seeing is always a plus whenever you visit a new place, and taking the time to explore the area you’ll be staying in as well as neighboring cities around it will definitely enhance your trip. To help expand your list and enhance your trip I’ve listed the three best places to galavant through outside of Madrid.


  • Ibiza(pronounced Ee-bee-tha) is located in eastern Spain, off the coast of Valencia, and some of us probably never knew it existed until 1) our favorite Youtuber took a selfie there, or 2) that Mike Posner song. Either way, we know where it is, and we want to go there. Buzzing with bars, restaurants, and aquatic activities Ibiza is one of the most popular vacation spots for old and young people alike. Visitors can enjoy a nice walk along the beach, and dip into the Ibiza’s famous bar No Name Ibiza for a drink. Each year tourists and locals come from all over to gather along the beach to watch the annual Aquabike Championship.


  • Sevilla or Seville, in English, is located in Andalusia– an area of southwestern Spain. Ruled by the Moors until the 13th century, Seville is Spain’s 4th largest city, and is the epitome of traditional Spanish culture. market areas you can find shops where traditional Spanish attire and accessories are sold by the bundles. The three must-haves: a fan, a shawl, and a mantilla can be found in multitude of colors and patterns throughout the marketplace. A mantilla is a lace veil or silk shawl worn by Spanish women during Holy Week. Take a trip to Seville and experience real-life flamenco dancing, la Catedral de Santa Maria, and the controversial bull- fight matches. If you’re interested in learning about Bullfighting, but don’t want to support it by attending a fight, you can visit the bullfighting museum at La Plaza del Toro where the matches are held.


  • Tarifa. located in the province of Cádiz, Andalucia, the town of Tarifa was practically built for the adventurous. It’s coastal location keeps the temperature at nice 78-82 degrees between July and September. You can visit one of Tarifa’s beautiful beaches and get the chance to partake in one very interesting sport: kitesurfing. The sport is so popular that Tarifa often hold kitesurfing tournaments, but anyone can pay for a lesson and get the chance to kitesurf without the pressure of a competition. After your kitesurfing lesson you can visit La Puerta de Jerez or relax at one of Tarifa’s many popular bars like the Arte Vida, Bar Taco Way, or La Tribu. Tarifa be smaller that the then the other two places on this list, but it’s wide range of historical attractions, beaches, and activities will definitely make the trip worth it.

Which one of these would you sneak off to on your trip to Spain?

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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