Three Tips for Starting your Semester Stress-Fee

Three Tips for Starting your Semester Stress-Fee

3 Tips for Starting your Semester Stress-Fee

Along with the nostalgia of a year’s past, the countdown to midnight, and a sense of renewal, New Year’s brings with it a sense of rejuvenation and ambition. Though it marks the conclusion of a much needed time off, many of us are all too ready to rush back into the old academic routine that we so desperately wanted a break from a few weeks prior. Once we’ve finally come to terms with the fact that the days of regularly waking up at one O’clock, lounging around the house in pajamas, and regular Netflix binges are coming to a close, we’re ready to rush back into things; resolutions in hand, a laundry list detailing courses we need to take, GPAs we need to raise, internships we need to score, and clubs we need to join (or, at least start showing up to meetings for). For the college lady who wants to avoid the New Year’s resolution craze, here are three tips to help you limit the stress, and navigate your way through the first few weeks of a new semester.

1. Be Honest with Yourself

Yes, two top-notch internships, a presidential reign in three different clubs, lots of A’s, and an active social life would be great, but are they all realistic? You may need to shorten that laundry list of resolutions that you made in the heat of ‘New Year, New You’ frenzy. Start with a minor list of short-term goals that you’d like to accomplish. Then, work your way up to a few longer-term goals that you’ll try to accomplish throughout the school year. It’s okay to keep things simple. Being honest and admitting that you can’t do everything at once is one of the first steps to becoming a balanced college woman.

2. Integrate Slowly and Mindfully

The epitome of college culture is rushing through things. It’s all about getting acclimated and accomplishing everything as soon as possible. Not only is it one of the main contributors to college stress, it also doesn’t support a balanced lifestyle. Ambition is important, but don’t burn yourself out before you’ve even had the chance to readjust. Stay mindful of your stressors, and try to integrate some small stress-busters into your daily routine before the 15 page essays, six hour study sessions, constant all-nighters, and a general loss of sanity start to kick in. Practice some deep breathing before you get out of bed, lay out your outfit the night before so you spend less time worrying about what to wear, or use some essential oils during your hot shower for a little bit of aroma therapy. It’s all about the little things.

3. Stop Comparing

It’s tempting to look at your superstar roommate, who seems to have accomplished all of her New Year’s goals, and then some, in less than a week. But remember, college is all about you. Your experience is what you choose to make it. So be a little selfish and put your needs (and sanity) first. Stop thinking about what you need to accomplish based off of what others are achieving, and realize that you, and all of your accomplishments, are more than enough.


Written by: Valencia Scott

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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