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Meet Jaylene- Immersion 2017

26 April,2017

7 MORE Inspiring Travel Instagrams to Follow Now

A little while ago, we published an article about some of our favorite...

17 April,2017

Meet Natalie- Immersion 2017

Natalie Riviello

12 April,2017

7 Inspiring Travel Instagrams to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Got a serious case of wanderlust? This list won't help. We have put together...

29 March,2017

Meet Fiona - Internship 2017

Fiona Unsworth

08 March,2017

Meet Heidy - Immersion 2017

Heidy Rosario

Palm Beach State College

International Marketing

I’m so...

08 March,2017

Meet Kelsey - Internship 2017

 Kelsey Barnes

  Truman State University


 I am...

08 March,2017

Meet Nicole - Immersion Summer 2017

Name: Nicole Nicolas The University of Illinois at Chicago Major:...

29 December,2016

Meet Krystal- Immersion Summer 2017

Krystal Barker

14 December,2016

Meet India- Internship 2017

India Scott

05 December,2016

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