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PINC Alumni Reflections: Life Lessons Abroad

I think that the worst possible question you could ask a kid is, “What do...

08 July,2017

Mobile Apps for Travel Part II: Ready? Set, Jet!
21 May,2017

Welcome Alexandria Michaelis

Alexandria Michaelis

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Majoring in Nursing 

28 April,2015

10 Booking Flight Trends & Travel Tips

10 Booking Flight Trends & Travel Tips 

Booking Flight Trends & Travel...
14 January,2015

Meet Sarah! PINC Intern for Summer 2014

Sarah, PINC Intern for Summer 2014 - Barnard University
23 June,2014

Using Credit Cards Abroad in Madrid


04 June,2014

Packing List for Your Summer in Madrid


04 June,2014

Meet Ashley - PINC Intern 2014

Meet Ashely! She will be part of the PINC Internship this Summer 2014. 

19 May,2014

Speaking Spanish in Spain

Speaking Spanish in Madrid

06 May,2014

Meet PINC Intern Erica!

Meet PINC Internships new Intern  for summer 2014, Erica!

01 May,2014

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