Resume Tip: Go Abroad !

Resume Tip: Go Abroad !

Spice Up Your Resume!

How Going Abroad Adds "Flavor" to your Resume


Contributed by: Chelsea Garcia

Think of your resume as your own food recipe that people are trying to get a taste of. All of the experiences, skills, and abilities are the ingredients that make up the perfect formula. However, the less “ingredients” you add, the less “flavor” you will have. Spicing up your resume is what gives you that edge in our competitive job market today. Especially as a college student, it is essential to load up your resume with unique experiences in order to make you a more attractive employee. Think about your own resume. Do you have anything in particular that makes you as an individual stand out and say “Hire Me! Hire Me!”? Consider a going abroad program to add extra flavor to your resume. Only about 1% of students are able to go abroad, making it a stand-out experience to add to your resume. Studying, volunteering, or interning abroad experiences will give you that extra “seasoning” to your resume and these are the reasons on how it will…

You gain foreign language skills. You might be going somewhere that doesn’t speak your native language. This is your opportunity to study something new! You learn how to communicate in a foreign environment and understand how others communicate through facial expressions, gestures, and words. Developing cross-cultural communication skills will make you a more marketable employee.

You learn how to work with different kinds of people. No matter what type of career you get involved in, you will be working in an environment full of diverse cultures and values different from your own. One of the top skills that an employer values is being aware and sensitive in multicultural settings. Being open-minded and learning to be respectful to others in a diverse workplace shows that you are a team player and someone that can work with others professionally.

You learn about different educational and career opportunities out there. There are several styles of education and different career opportunities in every country. Whether you are going abroad to study for school or interning abroad, you gain experience that might not be taught back at home. Soak up every learning opportunity you have, it could be useful in the future. Who knows, you might like the country you’re in and want to work or study there later on!

You gain cultural perspectives and see the world. You will see new places, meet new people, explore the cities, eat new foods, and learn more history! Even if you are going there to work or study, a little fun doesn’t hurt. Take in the culture and appreciate what the country has to offer you. Gaining new perspectives and knowledge about other places and people may help you make decisions, understand ideas, or overcome challenges in a future career.

So get started on spicing up your “recipe”! Go on that study abroad or internship abroad trip and gain beneficial experience. Having trouble finding an internship abroad? PINC International can help you with that! ;)

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Chelsea Garcia

Written by Chelsea Garcia

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