Speaking Spanish in Spain

Speaking Spanish in Spain

Speaking Spanish in Madrid

Networking Events in Madrid - English & Spanish Networking Events in Madrid - English & Spanish

We often get questions about how imperative it is to speak Spanish upon your arrival. The PINC experience is for the complete beginner as well as those with an advanced level of Spanish. For those with little to no Spanish, you will greatly benefit from the intensive Spanish classes the first two weeks of the program. You will be in class from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm with no more than 6 students, which will give you optimal talk time! In addition, 3 times a week you will have cultural activities in the afternoon after classes. This is another opportunity to immerse yourself on the language, the culture and even learn your way around the city!

When you are not in class or out and about during your cultural activities, you will be living in a posh neighborhood that will require you to continue using Spanish. Your neighborhood will consist of local supermarkets, fruit shops, shopping and eateries. Plenty of real-life scenarios to practice your Spanish!

For those looking to jump start their Spanish, we recommend you practice basic phrases and questions about prices and directions. We have compiled two of our favorite FREE resources. One is an app and the other is a podcast and both will help you brush up and build a good Spanish foundation.



PODCAST: ¨Notes in Spanish¨offers free audio and video that focuses on real-life topics and situations in order to enhance your conversational Spanish skills and keep you interested in each topic while working on your Spanish level.  They have all levels available and are set up to assist anyone from beginners to advance who wish to strengthen their speaking skills and boost their confidence.



APP: Duolingo” is a wonderful place to begin as you learn the Spanish language.  The mood of the app is very relaxed and allows you to learn in a positive, fun environment! A very cool feature of this app is the translation action; you can insert any text and translate it for quick and easy access to what you need!




Would you like a course booklet that goes more into detail about PINC Programs? Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

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