Go Abroad and Receive Credit...

Go Abroad and Receive Credit...


Go Abroad and Receive Credit...

There are several international programs that allow students to go abroad that are not affiliated with a college or university. With that said, many colleges still honor your time abroad and can give you credit! PINC has been working with colleges all around the US to ensure our students are qualified for credit.

You found a great program abroad (like PINC), how do you start learning about getting credit?

Going abroad is a great experience that will leave you filled with invaluable life experiences.  You found a program that is not part of your college - don't worry! Many schools still offer credit for your time over seas. Start by gathering information from the abroad program coordinator. Express interest in receiving credit, ask how they help you present the program to your college advisor and/or career counselor in order to receive credit.

Ask the abroad coordinator questions like:

  • What is the layout of the program?
  • How many hours are dedicated to something in particular? i.e. Spanish, cultural activities, interning, etc. ?
  • Would you be able to speak with my college advisor or career counselor if I did an email introduction?

Alert! If the coordinator for your international program can't answer these questions I highly recommend you reevaluate continuing with the program. FYI This will NEVER happen with PINC. We are here to support you!

Once you have spoken to the abroad program coordinator and have a better idea of what your time abroad will look like abroad, now it’s time to make appointments. Go and schedule an appointment with either your college advisor or career counselor to find out what opportunities the schools provides for additional credit.

With PINC there is definitely opportunity to receive credit for your time abroad. Weather, for the amount of Spanish classes you're taking, cultural activities you are participating in and/or internship hours. Our team makes sure that you have a strong case to present to your school, with documents, schedules and we are always available to speak with faculty directly!

It's helpful to know which program you would like to focus on the immersion vs. internship program vary in time abroad.

If you hear “no” or come into some resistance with your college representative, please contact your coordinator at PINC and inform them what’s happening in meetings, the questions and concern your college representative has, and from there we can reach out to faculty directly and discuss how we can make it possible to get credit. PINC will work with you as much as possible to ensure that we present your school with what they are looking for. Like we said, we are your cheerleader, and will exhaust all avenues for you.

*Like anything we work hard for you but nothing is 100%. We will do our best to work with your college to help you receive credit.
Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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