Reasons to be in Barcelona this Summer!

Reasons to be in Barcelona this Summer!



You can spend your summer watching other friend's snap chat stories or your can be the person with THE snaps to watch! Barcelona is one of Spain's more famous cities to visit. Its filled with amazing architecture, delicious foods, beautiful languages, large beaches and incredible weather.  We have compiled some kick-@ss reasons you need to be in Barcelona THIS summer!

1  Vitamin D a.k.a. SUN. The sunrises around 7am and sunset is around 9:45pm. Yes – almost 10pm! That's 15 hours of beautiful sunlight. Enjoy the long city days surrounded by a stunning Mediterranean back drop.

2  Eat, drink, and sit OUTSIDE. If the sun's out in Spain, that means everyone is out. When there is nice weather everyone loves to sit, eat or drink outside. The country is famous for its love of "terrazas". Nothing is more enjoyable than meeting friends for dinner at an outdoor terrace and enjoying a 2 hour meal while taking in the beautiful city sights and bustling atmosphere. And there is no tipping taboot!

Cava. Cava in Spain was modeled after Champagne in France. The most productive area for Cava, and the most renown, is in NorthEast Spain, near Barcelona. You can order it at any restaurant or pop into a supermarket for a bottle with prices that start at 2 euros. Yes, that's about $2.25 (based on February 2016 exchange rates.).

4. Paella. Paella is a traditional rice dish of Spain. Its perfect to share with friends over looking the palm trees, sand and sea. Carbs never tasted so good.

5. Sand & Sun! Barcelona has golden sandy beaches. There are over 2.5 miles of golden sandy beaches only 10 minutes from the city centre and 4 main beach areas. There are plenty of things to do on the beach besides taking a dip. You can windsurfing and kite surfing. You may also enjoy a refreshing drink from one of the many beach huts. Or, just rest, lie down and soak up the warmth of the Spanish sun.

6  SALES! REBAJAS! The entire city goes on sale (REBAJAS) twice a year, once after Christmas in January & February and another right before the new school year in July & August. Sales range from 50% to 80% OFF ALL STORES! Don’t forget chic, stylish shops like Zara, Mangos, Desigual & Bershka are Spanish brands. That’s why it is important to bring a nice big suitcase to stock up on great stylish Spanish clothing.

7 Memories. Memories from Spain are unique. Once you’ve experienced the Spanish culture, only others who have also lived through it will understand the great memories you’ll have. Living and traveling in Spain automatically gains you access to being part of an unspoken group of people who know the true meaning of living in the moment. PINC is offering you access to be part of this group!

PINC: Professional Immersions for Networking & Connections offers a 2-week summer trip to Barcelona. PINC is for young women (+18), who are ambitious and interested in becoming a better version of themselves! Discover your strengths, build your resume, become more global and explore. Invest in yourself and an unforgettable experience!

PINC is currently offering $150 OFF the deposit when paid by March 15, 2016.  $150 goes VERY far in Spain - don't believe me? check out what a past student wrote about how far her dollar went in Spain

PINC believes that empowering and educating young women is the key to building confident, inspiring, and innovative minded women of the future.

Email for more info!

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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