Pre-Internship State of Mind

Pre-Internship State of Mind

Pre-Internship State of MindPre-Internship State of Mind

Staying Positive While Striving for That Internship

Contributed by: Stacey Leatham

            Let’s be honest, looking for an internship can be brutal sometimes but, don’t let that discourage you! Yes, the competition is greater than ever and employers are looking for and expect more of potential interns but that’s no reason to stress; make that your motivation and besides, a little competition never hurt anybody right? Staying positive while searching for an internship can be tough but it is possible and it truly makes all the difference through your internship hunt. May this soundtrack of tips guide you and encourage you to keep your head up and your head in the game.

  1. You’re Not the Only One- Like Sam Smith, you’re not the only one! The same hurdles you’re jumping over are the same and/or similar to the hurdles the student next to you on the bus or in the cafeteria is going through. Talk to your classmates, relate to them and exchange ideas to get an insight of how they remain positive. It’s part of the process and once you accept that, you’ll be able to transfer the energy you’re putting in to being disappointed and turning it into energy to stay focused.
  1. Think Out Loud- Take a few pointers from Ed Sheeran and start thinking out loud! Your support system, the people that love and care about you, use them because they are there for a reason. Don’t keep your temporary struggles to yourself. Sharing is caring; share your issues with your peeps and care you shall receive. The importance of being able to vent allows you the ability to clear your head and pick up where you left off.
  1. Don’t Stop Believin’- Let a little bit of Journey take you through your journey. Don’t stop believing because guess what, the opportunities are endless! Don’t get bummed over not getting a response, move on to the next and don’t stop. Keep sending out those applications because your hard work WILL pay off. Not every opportunity you apply for is for you and that’s okay!
  1. You’re A Winner: All credits to Coolio and my favorite movie of all time (Space Jam!) for this one. It’s absolutely okay to get frustrated; use that to push you further in your search. Let your inner winner out and tell your frustrations to take a back seat.
  1. Keep Your Head Up- Nothing in life besides your family is permanent and always remember that. Life is all about change and as cliché as it sounds, things do get better. This is YOUR learning experience and use it as such because there will be a time where you will reflect back on this journey and say, “I did that!”. The late, great Tupac Shakur left us with these words that I also leave with you all, “I know you’re fed up ladies but you gotta keep your head up.”

Stacey Leatham is a New York native ready to take the Public Relations field by storm. A graduate of Benjamin N. Cardozo high school, Stacey always believed she would work in the medical field, until she attended LaGuardia Community College in 2009. After taking multiple science and mathematics courses, the Queens native felt she wasn’t able to showcase her vibrant and outgoing personality as much as she’d like. Shortly after, she decided to take a few communications courses and discovered that her passion involved writing and public speaking. The Nursing major would soon become a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations. Now a Senior majoring in Corporate Communication at Baruch College, Stacey plans to use her experiences as a Communications and Marketing Assistant at LaGuardia Community College and a contributing student writer for PINC International to elevate her to the next level in her career. Her dream job? To work in the music industry as an artist or label Public Relations Specialist or as a Talent Manager.

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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