PINC Summer Intern Elle Wisnicki

PINC Summer Intern Elle Wisnicki

Elle Wisnicki

Columbia University, Human Rights Major specializing in Sociology

We are so excited to welcome Elle Wisnicki to the PINC 8-week Summer Internship Program! She is currently a student at Columbia University studying Human Rights. We believe Elle will change the world with her love of non for profit work! We compiled some facts about Elle for you to get to know her and see her ambitious personality.

What are you most excited about when you think of PINC?

When I think of the PINC, I look forward to developing my career in a brand new city, in a world very different than my own. I have always wanted to study in a Spanish-speaking city in order to become fluent linguistically and potentially culturally. What better way to do that then by immersing myself in the working world of Madrid? I am going with my best friend and I think I am so excited to explore such a culturally diverse and historically important city with someone I care about and always have fun with.

  1. Which groups/sorority/organization are you currently affiliated with?

Right now I am interning for Global Citizen on the Live Below the Line Campaign, which mobilizes people to live on $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days in order to turn advocacy into awareness for global poverty. I also work as a Peer Network Engagement Intern for Hillel (Jewish Life Center). Both of these internships play on my love of meeting people and networking in that I have to reach out to so many people to make initiatives happen. I am a sister of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, and my sisters have been integral foundations to my networking in other organizations. Finally, I am the Assistant Director of Advocacy and Awareness in Columbia’s United Against Inequities in Disease Chapter, which is a great start for the field I want to go into – Public Health. All of my extracurricular activities have helped me form incredible friendships, and I am happiest when I am part of the community.

Elle Global Citizen

  1. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

It may sound funny, but in 10 years, I see myself in the beginning of motherhood. My life-long dream has always been to have children, and I definitely hope that dream comes to fruition by the time I am 30. Family has always been really important to me. I have always loved children so very much for their inquisitive nature and I’ve loved watching my siblings grow up, the children I babysit grow up, and want to see that first hand, and be part of a person’s journey through life, and share that with my parents, and my extended family. Also in Judaism, we value making the next generation better than the one we lived in, and as a mother I’ll be doing that in some small step.

  1. When are you the happiest?

I am happiest when I am creating life-long bonds with my friends. I enjoy getting to know people, and getting to know myself better through the amazing people I am growing with. I am happiest when I have inspiring conversations with good friends, because I learn about the other person on a real level and challenge my own ideas about life.

  1. What characteristic do you most admire in others?

Loyalty. No doubt about it. Especially right now in my life, I am so busy that I can’t commit myself to getting to know someone who isn’t going to match the effort I put in. I am looking for real friendships with people, not surface connections. Someone who is loyal to their friendships is also someone that is loyal to their studies and their passions, which makes for an overall dynamic persona, and that is the type of person I want to get to know, and that I can grow from and with.

  1. If you could sit and have coffee with one celebrity dead or alive who would it be?

No question about it Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham. Both Drake and I are African American and Jewish, and I resonate with a lot of the identity issues he covers in his music. I’d love to talk to him about what it’s like being a major figure for hip-hop.


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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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