PINC Internship Welcome Monica Quintana

PINC Internship Welcome Monica Quintana

Monica Adelina Quintana

Major: Health Service Administration

Minor: General Business



"When I think of PINC, I am most excited by limitless possibilities. Participating in a program such as PINC is an opportunity unlike I have ever had before, and I cannot wait to make the most of the experience. I am beyond excited by all the chances that I will undoubtedly take advantage of to explore, connect, appreciate, and learn from all that Spain and Europe have to offer." - Monica

  • Which groups/sorority/organization are you currently affiliated with?

I currently serve as Vice President of Chapter Operations of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, Theta Iota. I am also actively involved with various campus clubs and organizations, including Outriggers Peer Educators, Dukes Step Up! Coalition, Madison Meditates and Freshman Year Orientation Guides.

  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Ten years from now, I hope to be connected with a positive support system of friends and family whom encourage and challenge me daily. I also see myself as a successful business consulting professional, whom focuses on marketing and startups for health care businesses, programs, and agencies. My work will be aimed toward increasing prevalence of preventative care, community engagement, and concern for unallowable disparities. At this time in my life, I will also have a diversity of experience and knowledge, as well as saved finances, to beginning a startup myself, that will focus on wholistic health and wellness programming and education for at risk communities and populations.

  • What about Madrid seems the most exciting?

It is hard to narrow down the numerous possible opportunities and activities Madrid supplies to the one that seems the most exciting, but if I had to choose, all that I will learn about myself seems the most exciting. With a lot of “figuring out to do” as I enter my senior year of college, this experience could not have come at a better time. I am most excited to learn about my own capabilities and potential, as I navigate my way through completely unfamiliar places and situations. From learning to travel independently, to interacting with people of different cultures, to learning about my heritage, to participating in my first internship experience, and much, much more, I know there is so much that will undoubtedly impact me as I develop into the person whom I would like to become.

  • What is one of your proudest accomplishments to date?

One of my proudest accomplishments to date is leading a JMU Alternative May Break Service Trip this year to New Orleans. I had participated on the service trip the year prior with the same program, and was humbled and inspired by the experiences and progress made by the program and volunteer collaboration. I was also so proud of my team, as they faced and overcame difficult projects and fears, as well as actively participated controversial conversations focused on engaged citizenship, social justice, and privilege.

  • If you could sit and have coffee with one celebrity dead or alive who would it be?

My initial reaction would be Einstein, because I would love to pick apart his brain, but on second thought, I think most of his thoughts would be over my head! In contrast, my second choice would have to be Selena Quintanilla-Perez. I grew up idolizing Selena for her music and many accomplishments. Selena made leaps and bounds in the music industry during a time in which it was difficult for women, much less Hispanic women to do so. I could go on and on to describe all the obstacles she faced and overcame to attribute to her professional success, making her a true role model for myself and countless individuals, but I, first, recommend to all that you rent the movie ;)

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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