My PINC Fairy Godmother

My PINC Fairy Godmother

The mentor that gave me the kick in the arse.

Fairy Godmother, mentor, friend, whatever you want to call it, I call her Natasha Kennedy. Why Natasha? Words can’t do this woman justice, but I’ll give it a go. Natasha was the first person I spoke to when I decided to move to Spain in 2009. She is the owner of TtMadrid, the teacher training school I enrolled in when I wanted to become a certified English teacher. Natasha (Tash) walked into class the first day; she was attractive, short blonde hair, big blue eyes and a rosy full mouth. She entered class with a smile, which was disarming and put me at ease. Within the first 5 mins of class I learned that she was comfortable using colorful language and her honest straight shooting comments were  non-negotiable. To be fair, when it’s all done in a beautiful English accent, it doesn’t sound offense at all. I remember thinking ‘I want this person in my life, NO, I need this person in my life’.

Three months after I graduated the course, Tash offered me a small part-time role with the company that grew and grew. When I was offered a spot on a Masters program, she encouraged me to take it and kept me on part time. She taught me all aspects of the company including the successes and the failures. As well as, global marketing projects to ‘let’s keep our plants watered so they don't die' project. I loved getting my hands in every cookie jar and she encouraged it. Tash really taught me the definition of transparency within a company. She built my confidence in decision making, managing teams, holding my ground and many things I’m sure I am not even aware of yet.

She was the main facilitator when to came launching PINC. She provided invaluable wisdom and advice. She helped with the most difficult aspect of a company, finding a voice, a tone and a feeling that PINC was going to convey to the public. Initially, with PINC we were partnering on this project. I was in heaven! I was starting a company with one of my favorite people in the world, who I trusted, admired and knew as well as I knew myself. As the project progressed and started to take shape some big decisions were being made. Was PINC going to be set up in Spain or stateside? After weighing out pros and cons, it was decided that I was headed back to New York. My 5 years relationship with Natasha had out lasted any pervious job and even boyfriends, and I now had to leave her.

Shortly after returning to New York in December 2013, Tash and I had ‘the talk’. The talk where she looked at me (via skype) and said “you just needed me to give you a kick in the arse, darling. This is yours, this has always been yours”. I was incorporated less than a week later and I was a business owner.

This post is dedicated to Natasha for her continued support and faith in me – I’m a better version of myself having met her. She's played every role - teacher, boss, mentor, mother, sister and friend. I hope this post also reminds people that each and every person that enters our lives is supposed to and its up to us to understand why.

I moved to Madrid February 24, 2009 exactly 5 years ago TODAY. I had no idea where the journey was going to take me when I got off the plane but I'm so damn grateful it played out the way it did!

20140211-200035.jpg Natasha and I in Madrid, Spain



Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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