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Who's Who at the Prado

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When I sat down in my first art history class five years...

26 February,2018

Natalie Hansen - PINC Academy Spring 2018

03 February,2018

Meet Stephanie - Summer Internship Spain

 Stephanie Guazhima

03 February,2018

Meet Lizzie - Summer Internship Spain

Lizzie Hosler

03 February,2018

Meet Jamiah - Summer Study Abroad Spain

Jamiah Bennett
28 January,2018

Meet Maddie - Summer Internship Spain

28 January,2018

Annie Gearhart - PINC Academy Spring 2018 Intern

27 January,2018

The Prado Museum-Madrid

The Prado Museum is a must when in Spain! I don't know about you guys but I...

20 December,2017

Meet Joi Wade - 2018 Summer 2 - Week Immersion

20 December,2017

Meet Ashleigh - 8 week Internship 2018


10 December,2017

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