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Meet Raquel - Summer Internship Spain

30 April,2018

PINC PODCAST Ep 1: Sojourner White


PINC International's PODCAST: Welcome Home with Sojourner White. 


15 April,2018

PINC PODCAST Ep 2: Tori Chirdo


14 April,2018

Meet Seydi - Summer Immersion Spain

Seydi Farciert

03 April,2018

PINC'S PODCAST: Welcome Home

Hello this is to PINC International’s podcast  Welcome Home: Young...
03 April,2018

Meet Destine - Summer Immersion Spain



Destine Moore 

William Paterson University

Degree: Business Management 

28 March,2018

I'm (Always) Kinda Hungry

Every group of friends has one. You know, the one friend that’s ALWAYS...

28 March,2018

The Flamenco Emoji? Yea She's #Woke Too

I have two left feet. I suck at dancing. My jams are the Cha Cha Slide by DJ...

12 March,2018

Beyond the Highlight Reel: Creating a Meaningful Experience Abroad


12 March,2018

Meet Stephanie - Summer Internship Spain

09 March,2018

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