Packing List for Your Summer in Madrid

Packing List for Your Summer in Madrid


20140604-191747.jpg Don't let packing for your Summer internship leave you feeling like this!


Packing for your summer abroad in Madrid can be overwhelming if you haven't been to this magical city. However, we are here to help our students make the packing process a breeze. Here is your packing list:

For your Internship/Networking Events:

  • Light dresses are convenient to pack and are perfect to stay cool in the Madrid summer months.
  • Flowy tops and skirts are also thin to pack and barely wrinkle when traveling. If you are worried about wrinkling you can bring Downy Anti Wrinkle spray or similar products so you don't need to worry as much.
  • A light blazer for events.
  • For your feet, flats like sandals and ballet flats are always fun and comfortable.
  • If you are looking for a bit of a heel, remember that there are a lot of cobble stones in Madrid and they have a tendency to eat stilettos. In that case, wedges are your best bet.
  • A work bag big enough for your folders and note books that is secure with a zipper.

For Leisure:

  • Shorts, tops and maxi dresses.
  • A shawl or light-weight pants - some churches that you might want to visit on day trips have requirements about covering your knees or shoulders when you enter.
  • A pair of good walking sneakers.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection. The sun is strong in Madrid and you want to make sure your eyes are as protected as your skin.
  • Bathing suits for your weekend trip as well as all the local pools around Madrid.
  • A secure small going out bag with zipper.
  • Light pajamas


  • Flat iron/ curling iron/ hairdryer. If you do decide to bring these from the states be sure to also bring a voltage converter also called "power adapters". North America runs on 120V current; Europe on 220-240V current. If your electronic item does not have an adapter that covers both currents, you need a voltage converter to step down the current in Europe to one your item can handle. Note, usually you do not need these for laptop computers and digital camera battery chargers. Here are some links for adaptors and voltage converters.
  • Sun block is expensive in Spain so it's best to buy it stateside.
  • Make up - pack your basics especially if you use specific brands. Otherwise Madrid has Kiko, MAC and Sephora.
  • Medication! Bring any prescriptions you need and enough for your duration in Spain. This also includes if you use specific vitamins or certain over the counter medicines that might have different names or require a prescription (for instance: Neosporin, Benadryl, Anti-Histamines, Allergy Meds, Musinex)
  • No need to pack basic toiletries if you aren't picky with shampoo, conditioner or lotion; they take up space and are heavy. You can find most American brands in supermarkets like: DIA, Carrefour, Lidl, Corte Ingles, or Mercadona or at the pharmacy. That said, sometimes certain products are more expensive in Spain.
  • Deodorant- despite most basic toiletries being available in Spain, stick deodorant like BAN or Dove, can be hard to locate. But don't worry! Spain doesn't stink. They sell deodorant in Spain, it just usually roll on or spray. So, if you have a specific stick that you use, be sure to pack enough for your stay abroad.
  • An eco-bag for groceries. Spain is very green and you often have to pay for the plastic or paper bags at the supermarket. The bags are only a couple of cents  but it might be worth you bringing a foldable eco-bag so you can keep one on your while you are out and about in Madrid.
  • A padlock- perfect for the gym or the lockers in hostels where you can store your belongings when you travel.
  • An English book or a kindle in case you want to read :)
  • A journal for jotting down your thoughts, ideas, and sources of inspiration on your adventure abroad. They are also amazing for keeping track or your itinerary and planning trips. You can tape in postcards or business cards that you collect along the way to give it a more scrapbook feel.


  • University ID to get discounts through out your time in Europe.
  • Photocopies of all important documents, such as IDs and Passports. We also recommend that someone trusted, like your mom or dad, has a copy of your credit cards. They will be able to keep that sensitive information in a secure spot at home.

Hope these tips help make your packing experience an easy one!

20140604-191738.jpg Pack for the perfect PINC Summer internship experience with ease.


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