NYC Startup Grind with Gary Vaynerchuk

NYC Startup Grind with Gary Vaynerchuk

NYC Startup Grind with Gary Vaynerchuk

20140211-200231.jpg NYC Startup Grind with Gary Vaynerchuk

In January I attend a Start Up Grind NYC event where Gary Vaynerchuk was interviewed. Who is Gary V?! You know how Michael Jackson is the king of pop, well to me, Gary V is the king of social media! He is the co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, a social media brand consulting agency, an author of 3 books that I currently own, a public speaker on all things social media and above all, a no nonsense, straight shooting businessman. I've been following Gary V since about 2009. To meet and listen to him live was a quite exciting to me.

He has the ability to speak to everyone in a room about their business without an individual introduction. During his interview, he was honest about how he was not the top student of his class, which I identified with a lot. I wasn't the most academic in school which at times left me feeling insecure about certain abilities. However, with time I was able to build my confidence with my experience and ambition.

I always appreciate the way Gary reminds all business owners to focus on the consumer, their needs and their opinions. He practices the act of giving 100 times more than asking and taking. It is a great character trait for his name and his brand. This trait is something that I have been and will continue to implement throughout all aspects of career.

In addition, Gary's transparent manner allows for his audience to trust him and we all can learn a lot from that. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that I'm not perfect and I am open to change and adjustments. Also, I won't feel so bad when a curse words slips out once and a blue because that's who I am!




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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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