How to Nail an Interview - Interview Tips

How to Nail an Interview - Interview Tips

How to Nail an Interview. Here are interview tips and tricks to get the internship you want!


PINC Internship has come up with 8 simple steps in order to nail your next interview!

Research. Prior to the interview: look at the companies website and do a search to see if the company has come up in the news recently.

Check the News. You never know what might come up in small talk, and you want to be up to speed with current events. We recommend downloading the BBC News app for a nice overview of what is going on in the news.

Prepare to Answer. Think about the some of the questions that you maybe asked. Here are a few to practice.

  • What past internship/jobs/classes did you enjoy and why?
  • Tell me about a time that you showed creativity at work?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Tell me about a proud accomplishment?
  • What is your greatest strength/weakness?
  • What about the position/company attracts you to work with us?

Provide Examples. Think about times that you demonstrated the following skills and keep these in mind during the interview. If any of these examples applies to a question, incorporate it in your answer to modestly tell the interviewer that you have these skills.

  • Team player
  • Motivation, hard worker
  • Leadership skills
  • Initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creative thinker
  • Problem-solver

Prepare to Ask. Have questions prepared this gives you the chance to show the interviewer that you have researched the company and are interested to learn more about it. Here are some to work with.

  • What is the structure of the department in which I would be working?
  • Will I be working with various people, on my own, or closely with other departments?
  • What will my duties consist of? (Day-to-day work vs. long-term project)
  • Will I receive training at the beginning to have more independence in my work later on during the internship?
  • Can you think of any challenges that past interns have come across?
  • What is the company’s strategy in terms of growth?

Get in the Zone. Prep for your interview, but once you have done remember to KEEP NATURAL! This meeting as a two-way street- you are also there to ask questions and be informed so you too can evaluate if this is a good opportunity. Show your genuine interest for the company and position, the interviewer is sure to notice!

Smile. Weather on the phone, video or in person. Smiling shows you are confident and even allows for a nicer tone in your voice.

Follow Up. After any interview remember your manners. Follow-up with a thank you note with in 24 hours. Thank the interviewer for their time, mention the position, an anecdote from the interview that the interview can associate with you, and modestly incorporate one skill that makes you a good fit for the job. This shows you are eager for the job and that you have common courtesy!

Good Luck! x



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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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