Mobile Apps to Assist with Travel

Mobile Apps to Assist with Travel

Mobile apps to assist you in planning your next trip

Planning at your finger tips

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Contributed by: Chelsea Garcia Updated by: Anna Whetzle March 30, 2017

You finally saved up enough to visit your dream destination after months of working overtime and saving every penny you have. Before you get ahead of yourself and start packing your luggage, you still need to search for plane tickets, find a place to stay, plan activities and learn the native language of the country. With so much to do and so little time, it can be hard to plan a trip when you already a lot on your plate. Luckily, you can do all these things straight from your phone. There are thousands of mobile apps that can help you stay organized and plan your next trip at your convenience. They are your personal travel agents! Here are some apps that I found to be useful.


Airbnb- If you want to stay somewhere different from a hotel, search Airbnb for a one-of-a-kind accommodation. Rent out rooms, apartments, vacation homes, or unique properties to stay in all over the world. It’s a great app to help you search for a place to stay if you are planning a last minute trip or weekend getaway. The hosts of these places set their own prices and hospitality standards for their properties, so search for something that would accommodate you during your trip.

Guides- Learn about cities around the world and let Guides be your personal tour guide. Each city guidebook is written by experts who have experienced the city and share tips and advice to make your experience enjoyable. Get a little overview of what to expect from the city and what fun things you can do during your stay. You can search for places to sightsee, eat, and shop. Each suggestion has information about the place, hours, and offline maps of its location. They even tell you the daily costs of the city and how much you should budget to make it through the day. Gain more knowledge about the beautiful places around the world and discover your destination through Guides before you even get there!

Hopper- Need to find a cheap flight? Let Hopper search for you! Hopper analyzes airline tickets and predicts when the next best deal is coming. Choose the days to where you would like to travel to and Hopper will give you a list or airlines and prices to choose from. Hopper will notify you when the flight is super cheap or too expensive and suggest if you should buy now or wait later. Once you find the price you are looking for, book instantly from the app. I have this app downloaded on my phone and I get notifications for cheap flights to places I would love to visit (I get tons because I want to travel everywhere).

TripitTripit organizes all your travel information (think hotel/hostel reservations, flights, everything!) for you and puts it all into a single itinerary. Not only do they help you keep everything in place, but you can also share your itinerary with others. So once you find your cheap flight on Hopper, Tripit will organize it for you.


Memrise- You might want to brush up on your language skills if you are traveling to a foreign country. With 100 languages to choose from, Memrise teaches you a new language through fun memorization games, video courses, and examples through sentences and audio. A few minutes a day playing on this app and you will learn a few words instantly. You can track your progress and do review sessions to keep up with your newly obtained skill. Duolingo is another popular choice for language practice!

Google TranslateGoogle Translator is better for on the road translations than actually learning a new language, but it can definitely be a life saver while abroad. The app works for up to 103 different foreign languages in addition to useful phrasebooks. To use the app, you can snap quick pics and highlight the words you needed translating, dictate the words you are curious about, or type directly into the app. Whats fantastic, is you can use it offline and save translations that you might want to see again. Download it here for androids and here for iphones.


So you now have a few new apps to help you find airline tickets, plan activities, learn a language, and book a room! Are you ready for your next trip?


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Chelsea Garcia

Written by Chelsea Garcia

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