Meet Jaclyn. City Manager - Barcelona

Meet Jaclyn. City Manager - Barcelona

Jaclyn pictured in the middle. Jaclyn pictured in the middle.

We are very excited to welcome Jaclyn as our City Manager for the Winter Barcelona Immersion program. Jaclyn (pictured middle) participated in the PINC Internship program summer 2016 and is now back! The students on the Barcelona program are going to have a great guide! Here is some more information from Jaclyn.

One piece of advice that I would give my group would be to go in totally fearless. Nobody cares about your level of Spanish, how much you know about Spain, or how much travel experience you have. The less you worry about, the more fun you will have and the better your experience will be!

I am a senior International Business and Spanish double major with a minor in Economics at Truman State University. I'm currently Philanthropy Coordinator for Delta Phi Epsilon, and Crew Leader for Love Your Melon at TSU. I am graduating in Spring 2017, and I am currently trying to decide between finding an international job based in the US, or attending graduate school somewhere in Europe.

I did the PINC 2016 8 Week Summer program in Madrid. During PINC, I really pushed myself and grew not only professionally, but also personally. I realized my desire to travel and work abroad as much as possible. Professors, professionals, and other people in my life are so amazed by the nearly indescribable experience that I had with PINC. I can't wait to see how else my summer abroad impacts my life!

I love the history and culture that Barcelona has to offer. After learning about so many different things in Barcelona while in the states, having the chance to experience them all first hand was one of the best parts of my summer! From the art and culture, to the beach vibe and atmosphere, Barcelona has so much to offer, and I can't wait to go back!!

Bucket List:

  • Graduate in Spring (lol)
  • Travel to Austria, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Germany, anywhere else in Europe!!
  • Use my PINC experiences to get a successful job (hopefully international!)

Welcome to the team!

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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