Meet Ashley - PINC Intern 2014

Meet Ashley - PINC Intern 2014

Meet Ashely! She will be part of the PINC Internship this Summer 2014. 

Ashley, PINC Intern Summer 2014 - Indiana University Ashley, PINC Intern Summer 2014 - Indiana University

Ashely is entering her senior year at Indiana University where she is studying Apparel Merchandising and a minor in Business. We compiled some facts about Ashley for you to get to know her and see her fearless personality!

  • My favorite place I have visited to date would definitely be Venice, Italy.  Italy inspired me with its marvelous beauty and rich cultural life. The gondola ride with my family was so breathtaking and the pasta was out of this world! My favorite food is Italian and cheese, so pretty much I was in heaven.
  • Two bucket list items that I would love to check off my list would be the opportunity to get involved with Paris Fashion Week! I am an Apparel Merchandising major and would love to work behind the scenes in creating an extraordinary show. I would also like to help with the World Wild Life fund to travel Africa and Asia and find new ways in helping and protecting endangered species.
  • The movie that I would most identify myself with would be The Devil Wears Prada! That movie inspires me to go out and be daring. I love the fast paced work environment of the fashion industry and really do have such a strong passion for fashion.
  • I am the happiest when I am expanding my horizon and living life to it’s fullest with my loving family and friends. Spontaneity and reaching out of my comfort zone opens new levels of creativity and challenges myself in the best ways.
  • The characteristic that I most admire in others is a good sense of humor. Laughing is so contagious and really gives a sense of optimism. Life can be challenging at times but when it is faced with laughter and joy, it allows one to overcome with positive expectations and the ability to move forward. Humor and laughter really are the cure to a long, happy filled life.  I am always saying the cheesy but true saying - life is too short to be serious all the time!
  • If I could have coffee with one celebrity, without even blinking I would say David Guetta. He is a French electronic dance DJ who is an amazing performer and my favorite artist.  Recently, he launched “The World Needs More…” a philanthropic and humanitarian campaign that aids victims of conflict and natural disasters. He truly is amazing!

We are so excited to have Ashley on the program and look forward to spending the next 8 weeks together. We are already in love with positive personality! - PINC Internship

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Written by Lisette Miranda

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