Madrid Tapas On A Budget Guide

Madrid Tapas On A Budget Guide

Madrid Tapas On A Budget Guide

Contributed by: Angie Grossman/ Updated 03.11.2017 By: Anna Whetzle

Tapa serving of Paella Tapa serving of Paella

In a city filled with tapa bars and tiny beers (cañas o cañitas, as the locals like to say) one might feel overwhelmed with where to go for the cheapest and most delicious treats. Most tapa bars have a menu with typical tapas (small plates), raciones (big plates) written on a chalk board above the bar, or in a menu (carta) at the table. Here are the top places to get the best bang for your buck near the center without falling into a total tourist trap. 

Tapas for cheap cheap: 


Calle Pez 18 Metro Callao

  • This yummy find on Calle Pez in the heart of Malasaña has tapas to order that range in price between 3 to 6 euros.
  • Great for sharing while you chat over a couple of beers!
  • Everything from the narrow bar to the presentation of the food makes it a picture perfect find for Instagram, and the food is so delicious.

El Tigre

Calle de las Infantas, 23 & 30, Metro Chueca

  • Caña €1.50-€2.50 & €6 mojito (best bank for buck!)
  • Tapas included, more then you can eat!
  • Packed with tourists, mostly study abroad students with a good atmosphere and fun!
  • Order standing at the bar then gather your group around the giant wine barrels used as tables and let the tapas begin to pile up.

Copas Rotas

Calle Toledo 28, Metro La Latina

+K Copas 

Calle Infantas 13, Metro Chueca 

  • Same bar/concept with different names
  • before midnight:
  • €1 wine/beer, €4 copas (cocktails)
  • after 12:
  • €2 wine/beer, copas €4
  • Tapas not included €1-3 euros/each, toasts, potatoes and sandwiches
  • Great place for a cheap vino (wine) and tapas on a weeknight or weekend

100 Montaditos

Calle Montera, 34, Metro Gran Via; 

Calle de Fuencarral, 96, Metro Tribunal/Bilbao

  • €1-1.50/beer, tapas €1-1.50
  • Wednesdays & Sundays everything on the menu is ONLY 1€, best bank for buck!
  • 100 small sandwiches! (Literally) served with chips. A great place to sit outside on the patio with a group of friends while eating tiny sandwiches and enjoying Spanish beer, wine or tinto de verano (a summertime drink, red wine with a splash of lemon fanta, very refreshing).
  • Order at the register, grab your drinks and your ticket then wait for your name to be called over the loud speaker but listen carefully because the place gets very packed on the weekends.

Museo del Jamón

Calle Gran Via 72, Metro Gran Via

Calle Atocha 54, Metro Atocha

Carrera de San Jerónimo 6, Metro Sol 

  • Caña .40¢, double .90¢!! With a tapa, typically mini sandwiches of ham and cheese
  • Raciones: jamon/cheese €3-8 (big plates to share)
  • Sandwiches (Bocadillos): €1-3.50 which are also great for take away (para llevar)
  • Literally the museum of ham, they have hundreds of ham legs hanging from the ceiling and the waiters are dressed in matching outfits while yelling out orders to each other. It is packed with locals and tourists alike, but be quick to elbow your way to the bar and shout your order because it gets very busy at night!

La Sureña 

Gran Vía 68, Metro Gran Via

Calle Cava Baja 15, Metro La Latina

  • Buckets of mini-beers, €6-8 (depending on which beers)
  • Tapas of typical Spanish snacks, finger foods, €4-8.
  • Including: Jamón Ibérico, gambas, pulpo, calamares,  patatas bravas, tortilla
  • Order at the counter, grab your bucket of beer and wait for your name to be called to collect your fresh food at the ticket window.
  • Great place to gather with a group of friends before a night out and many locations have terraces to enjoy the summer breeze.

Casa Camucho

Calle de San Andrés 4

  • Across the street from Ojalá and just up from Plaza Dos de Mayo, is the classic Casa Camucho. The bar is authentic Spanish. The bar probably has not changed at all since 1920, and now brothers operate it. It is like stepping into a time warp.
  • Order a Yayo  (2.50 euros), a vermouth drink, if you are feeling adventurous or the canas are about (1.20)
  • Every drink comes with a small tapa, or, if you are lucky, some olives. The olives come in a slightly spicy sauce; they are life changing!
  • Unfortunately the tapas at Casa Camucho won’t fill you up, but the authenticity and grittiness of this Madrid classic means its worth a trip at least once during your time in Madrid.


Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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