Meet Jamiah - Summer Study Abroad Spain

Meet Jamiah - Summer Study Abroad Spain

Jamiah Bennett
University of Connecticut
Major: Communications and Journalism
We're so happy to have Jamiah with us on the 2-Week Immersion program this summer! She is excited about all of the new experiences she will face by immersing herself in a culture that is very different than her own. Welcome aboard, Jamiah!
Which groups/sorority/organizations are you currently affiliated with?
On campus, I am affiliated with the Recreation Center and the Residential Life department as a Resident Assistant and the Recreational Center. I hope to get involved in more clubs this semester!
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Oh my! I am not even sure where I see myself tomorrow. (Totally just kidding! Of course I will be on campus and going to class. 😊) In all seriousness though, I hope to be traveling the world learning about individuals who are very different than me, from all walks of life.
What are some of your bucket list items/places?
Well! After crossing traveling to Spain off my list (it’s been on there for 12 years!), I have traveling to Morocco, Egypt, and Kenya.
What is one of your proudest accomplishments to date?
One of my proudest accomplishments to date is getting accepted into and attending college. 🎓
If you could sit and have coffee with one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?
If I could sit and have coffee with any celebrity, I would definitely sit with Lupita Nyong’o. I would love to talk about her journey and experiences. Not to mention she totally knows how to have fun! 
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About the Program

PINC International organizes internships & study abroad programs in Spain for young women in college. Our mission is to help bridge the gender gap by giving young women a competitive edge on their resume with international experience. Since its conception in 2014, the program has welcomed students from over 22 universities across the United States.


PINC International's internship program focuses on personal and professional development, building Spanish language skills, and fostering and expanding networks. The 8-week period in Madrid is filled with educational workshops, cultural activities, fun weekend trips, practical work-experience with an international company, and memories to last a lifetime.

Alexandra Vietor

Written by Alexandra Vietor

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