Gardens and Green Spaces in Madrid

Gardens and Green Spaces in Madrid

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Gardens and Green Spaces in Madrid

Contributed By: Alissa Gamberg

Need a break from the city atmosphere without leaving the city? There are many gardens and green spaces in Madrid including beautiful parks, gardens, and outdoor recreational areas that are easy to access and often near other great tourist attractions. While Retiro Park is obviously one of the more popular spots, it’s certainly not the only nice park in the city. Here is a list of some other parks you may not be aware of but are well worth exploring.

Campo del Moro is a beautiful garden right behind the Royal Palace and accessible from the Príncipe Pío metro station. Entrance is FREE, so do take advantage and enjoy an expansive green lawn, impressive fountain, and gorgeous back view of the palace, which sits high above it all. You will be greeted by the sounds and sight of a lovely male peacock, but may have to compete with other tourists vying for the optimal photo angle while waiting for him to sit still. Don’t give up, though - you won’t regret having a photo of the palace, fountain, and peacock all in the same shot!


Gardens and Green Spaces in Madrid View of Campo del Moro

Río Rosas - Canal de Isabel II is the place to go if you’re an athlete or someone who loves to exercise outside. Located in the Chamberí district, this outdoor park/sports complex is encircled by a track and a pathway for runners and pedestrians. It’s open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is always full, so be careful not to get run over as you enter! The property also includes a beautiful golf course and pool.

Parque Cerro del Tío Pío is also known as the Parque de las Siete Tetas because of its seven large hills that are perfect for sitting atop and watching the sunset. Lots of people bring their dogs, so be forewarned that there will be loose animals about. The closest metros are Portazgo or Buenos Aires (line 1), but even if that’s a bit out of your way, this park is still worth the trip. It’s one of the best places to go for amazing views of the whole city of Madrid.

Parque del Oeste is home to the well-known Templo de Debod, a real Egyptian temple (free admission!) that you have probably already discovered, but did you also explore the rest of the park? There are plenty of other statues and monuments to see, and an abundance of shady trees to offer some respite from the brutal heat on the way. One of this park’s highlights is definitely the Rosaleda Ramon Ortíz, a beautiful open rose garden with all differently-colored flowers and even a nice fountain.

Gardens and green spaces in Madrid Templo de Debod, Madrid

From this park you can also access the vast Casa de Campo via the Teleférico de Madrid (cable car). Casa de Campo is an enormous natural area that makes you feel like you’re completely out of the city (it would be all-too easy to get lost in it!). A short but super fun ride on the cable car will give you stunning views of the city along with an informative audio guide, available in different languages. If you buy a round-trip ticket for 5.90€, you can head right back to the park at the end of the ride, or get off and explore the Madrid zoo and amusement park before hopping back on the Teleférico. (It also offers combined tickets that include admission to the zoo or park.) Visit for more information.
There are even more gardens and green spaces in Madrid to discover, but you can use this list to help get you started.

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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