First Day Internship Tips

First Day Internship Tips

First Day Internship Tips - Starting on the right foot!

First Day Internship Tips - PINC Internship First Day Internship Tips - PINC Internship

What to bring: a notebook, a pen, and a folder.

1. Smile. Smiling is the easiest non verbal action you can use to win anyone over. Smiling beings joy to others as well as yourself. A simple smile at a given time will naturally adjust your mood positively and allow others to feel as if they can easily approach you. Don't be shy and flash those pearly whites.

2. Hello! accompany that smile with a friendly and confident "hello!". This sets the tone and mood you are portraying to the world. Say it loud and say it proud! If you open dialogue with a positive "hello" it will be hard for someone to return a negative comment complaining about their day or weekend. While getting established in your internship greeting those around you will be important when establishing rapport.

3. The name game. Names are such a large part of your identity. When you are new picking up names will take time but here are a few tricks. Pay attention and listen for the name the first time around. If you did not catch it, ask for them to repeat it. Once you get the name repeat it yourself, for example "Hi Marta, it's nice to meet you!". Another trick, is to associate the name with someone else you know.  You should also take note of people's names once you sit down. You can politely ask your supervisor "What as the name of the young lady in the blue shirt?".

4. Take notes. Carry around your note book with you the first day at all times. Information is going to be coming at you quickly and you want to catch as much as possible. Use this book to write down all your tasks, projects and brainstorming ideas. Keep all your notes in one location. This is extremely important for when you need to update your resume. Your notes will be a great place for you to start.

5. Ask questions. You are interning in a different country and there will be cultural differences. Ask about the double kiss, when and who you should expect to do that with. Ask where people go for lunch and let them know if you have any serious allergies like with peanuts etc.

6. Have fun! All interns on the PINC Internship Program have been selected because they have displayed a true sense of maturity, ambition and overall fabulosity. You're not always going to be the new girl and before you know it you will showing what a kick ass intern you are!

You're first day is going to be great and we can not wait to hear all about it.


Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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