It's Always Festival Season in Spain

It's Always Festival Season in Spain

Attend a Festival in Spain

Get read to party with the Spaniards!


Contributed by: Chelsea Garcia

If you are someone who loves to the high-spirited feelings of a festival, Spain is the country for you to visit. The Spaniards love to celebrate with food, drinks, dancing and all the essentials for a good party. Their parties also represent the country's history and cultural traditions that make their fiestas even more special. Luckily, the country loves to throw fiestas all year round so you won't be missing out. If you are currently planning an upcoming trip to Spain or need even more of a reason to go, try to catch one of their many festivals throughout the year.

Visiting Spain in the Summer?

La Tomatina Festival: Have you ever wanted to be apart of the largest tomato food fight in the world? On the last Wednesday of August, the small Valencian town of Buñol holds the annual La Tomatina Festival. The town of Buñol has only a population of 9,000 people, but 20,000 people travel to the town to take part in this crazy food fight. Large trucks deliver over 120 tons of tomatoes to the town center Plaza del Pueblo, where businesses and shops get the town ready for the slippery and slimy mess. Once you hear the sound of an exploding rocket bottle go off, grab all the tomatoes you can because you are in for a saucy fight! After the fight, water trucks come in to wash the tomatoes off the streets and create the longest bloody-red tomato river you will ever see. Click here to see pictures of this year’s La Tomatina Festival!

San Fermin Festival: On July 6th to the 14th, the city of Pamplona celebrates the San Fermin Festival in honor of Catholic Saint, St. Fermin. The most famous event during the week is called “The Encierro” or known as Running of the Bulls. The name of the event explains itself: people run away from real life fighting bulls! At 8am each morning during the week, six bulls are released through the streets and people run through an 875 meter course leading up to a bullring. If the Encierro isn’t your idea of adrenaline, it is still fun to watch from the side or from up high on balconies. It is a dangerous event; read more about the event here and know your risks!.

The party continues throughout the Winter…

El Carnaval: Lavish costumes and masks, colorful décor and parade floats, and a high-spirited environment; if this sounds like an ideal party then El Carnaval is the festival for you. It takes place in February during the week leading up to Lent. Spaniards dress up in their fanciest costumes and take the streets to party from dusk until dawn. Each region of Spain celebrates El Carnaval in their own style and atmosphere. The most popular carnivals take place in the regions of Tenerife, Cadiz, and Sitges. Read about each region’s individual El Carnaval events and choose which one interests you.

December & January Festivities: Throughout December and January, several festivities are held to celebrate family, holiday traditions, and the end of another exciting year. Buy a lottery ticket and be in Spain on December 22nd for the biggest lottery day in the world called El Gordo, “The Fat One”. Be there on "Nochevieja" or New Year’s Eve and celebrate in Madrid’s version of Time Square called the Puerta del Dol. The day of January 6th is known as Three Kings Day or the “Epiphany”, where Spaniards exchange their Christmas gifts on this day instead of December. This is to celebrate the coming of the Three Kings when Jesus was born. Customs celebrated on this day include parades for the three kings, gifts for the children, and eating the traditional Roscón. No matter what time of the year you visit during these two months, there is always a celebration.

Attend one of these fiestas around the time of your PINC program!

Chelsea Garcia

Written by Chelsea Garcia

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