College Girls Guide: Social Media After College to Build Your Brand

College Girls Guide: Social Media After College to Build Your Brand


Social Media as a tool that can help direct you to any topic you’re interested in with a bit of research and action. It’s time to use Social Media to further their personal and professional career.

Here are 5 starter steps for you to do when using social media to build your personal brand and your tribe. Your tribe? A.k.a. the people who are also interested in the same things as you.

  1. Identify (platforms)
    Identify which 2 or 3 platforms your tribe is using. Which platforms would work best for this industry/topic? For example, Jewelry Designer, something visual, correct? In that case, instagram and pinterest would be a good start. Or a Sports Writer: writing based platforms or a platform that can redirect you to a landing page. Check out wordpress and twitter.
  2. Search(to learn terms)
    The use of hastags is very important when locating your tribe. What type if search words are they using? It’s important not to be to general or even too specific. When you search hashtags also take inventory of the new ones you should start to use.For example, you want to be an English teach abroad. i.e. #teachenglish #teachabroad #teachinspain #teachinmadrid #tefl #eslSame for someone like a web designer, you want to search specific products and skills that you are familiar with to locate other tribe members.
  3. Follow (influencers and peers)
    You’ve identified your platforms and searched through hastags, it's time to follow your influencers and peers. You want to know read the conversations and learn the trends, all while figuring out your differentiating factor.
  4. Engage
    Its not enough to just “like” things. “join the conversation” start commenting with positive feedback, add resources, and reposting to show support. This is how you really start to work your way in, become trust worthy, and build your own followers.
  5. Create
    Now that you see the “conversation” and trends, you can start to build your own content and curate your version of information. TIP: Be as authentic as possible!

What industry are you looking to enter?

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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