College Girls Guide: Shopping on a Budget

College Girls Guide: Shopping on a Budget

College Girls Guide: Shopping for Clothes on a Budget

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A girl’s gotta look good, ALWAYS! But sometimes shopping can be so daunting when there are SO many cute clothes and not enough $$$. Seriously, what is a girl to do? Believe it or not there are a lot of tips and tricks out there to help us ladies  out when shopping for cute clothes on a student budget. There’s an infinite number of stores that we can look to shop for clothes on a student budget.

Brandy Melville - This store is for the simple girls. There are many basic tees, dresses, and long sleeves as well as loose fitted crop tops and sweaters. With a touch of the hipster vibe we have nowadays, Brandy Melville is perfect for todays trends and for basics to layer over anything. Its prices are totally fair and the quality of the clothing is fantastic!

ASOS - This online only store is perfect for any kind of girl, the laid back chick, the rebel, the preppy school girl, even the girliest girl on campus. ASOS has so many different styles both designer and ASOS originals that vary from plain white tees to designer dresses, shoes, beauty products, accessories, and handbags. Currently they’re having a 50% off of everything SALE! GO GO GO!

Revolve Clothing - Much like ASOS, this online only stores has huge varieties of clothing with a slightly edgier twist than ASOS. Some of the items here are a little pricier but they’re fairly priced for the quality they’re made from.

Club Monaco - Okay now don't get scared, yes, Club Monaco can be UBER expensive however, if you pay close attention to one little thing it can change your entire shopping experience. The magic words? — CLEARANCE & SALE. I walked into Club Monaco the other day and they had a 40% off clearance sale on top of already marked down prices. I brought a jacket that was worth $160 for just $63! Stores like this as well as H&M are also fantastic when it comes to shopping for clothes to go to an interview with, a day at the office, or if you wan to dress a little preppier for that cutie in Law Class ;-).

This rule doesn't just apply to Club Monaco, you can find steals like this at Banana Republic (which is having a HUGE sale), TopShop, Guess,and even Calvin Klein.

Fabletics - This online store is absolutely UH-MAZING. Actress Kate Hudson has come up with this fantastic new line of workout clothing at incredibly affordable prices. By signing up with Fabletics, members get their first outfit (Bra, Shirt, and Workout Pants) all for $25 IN TOTAL!

Victoria’s Secret – It’s never too early to start shopping for next years swimsuits. Stores such as Victorias Secret have sales on all of the previous years swimwear which is fantastic when you need a little motivation to workout for the following Summer. Swimsuits are dwindling in popularity since the Fall and Winter seasons are rolling around, so get them now while they’re hot!

All jokes aside, as we get older, our image is the very first thing people see about us. The way we present ourselves to the rest of the world is how the world then treats us, make sure that you’re always putting your best face forward, first impressions do count! Also remember that you get what you pay for! Sometimes some pieces may seem a little pricey however, when it comes to pieces that you’ll be using often it’s definitely worth it. At the end of the day, clothes are an investment, it’s all about being a smart shopper. Now that you have all the tools, go run the world girls!

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My name is Sarah Olivo, I'm 19 years old and I'm currently a sophomore at Baruch College in NYC. Though I'm still undecided as to what my major is, I hope that in the end, I am as happy as I am secure in my career choice. A few of the things I enjoy are eating out with my friends, reading, looking up all of the latest fashion trends, and SHOPPING, of course! I am definitely a Summer enthusiast and love all things chocolate. As the years go by, I hope to master another language, travel wherever the Sun is shining, and in my wildest dreams, become a well known and respected model.

Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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