Testing the Business Model

Testing the Business Model

Testing the business model.

“I am going to start my own summer internship and it’s going to the best” is what I told myself on a daily basis, and in many ways it was to first convince my inner psyche (you know the whole ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra). Each day moving forward was another day moving towards my goal. I wanted to make sure that Amy and Meg were going to get the internship that they deserved and paid for. That meant really dedicating time to their professional and personal growth. I started with including them in meetings, being clear about my expectation of them, giving them projects so they had a sense of pride in their work, coaching them with points to present at meetings, watching them execute and giving them feedback. All of this was helping me build a program and standard that other companies who take PINC interns were going to have to agree to. Companies who take a PINC intern are agreeing to: teach new skills, manage expectations, set goals, mentor them through new tasks, provide a project that an intern will be proud to show off, and most importantly constructive feedback.

20140201-004940.jpg Cultural Event "Spanish Sangria & Tapas" planned and executed by interns

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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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