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Meet Raquel - Summer Internship Spain

PINC PODCAST Ep 1: Sojourner White

PINC PODCAST Ep 2: Tori Chirdo

Meet Seydi - Summer Immersion Spain

PINC'S PODCAST: Welcome Home

I'm (Always) Kinda Hungry

The Flamenco Emoji? Yea She's #Woke Too

Beyond the Highlight Reel: Creating a Meaningful Experience Abroad

Meet Stephanie - Summer Internship Spain

A Quick and Easy Guide to LinkedIn for College Students

Who's Who at the Prado

Natalie Hansen - PINC Academy Spring 2018

Meet Stephanie - Summer Internship Spain

Meet Lizzie - Summer Internship Spain

Meet Jamiah - Summer Study Abroad Spain

Meet Maddie - Summer Internship Spain

Annie Gearhart - PINC Academy Spring 2018 Intern

The Prado Museum-Madrid

Meet Joi Wade - 2018 Summer 2 - Week Immersion

Meet Ashleigh - 8 week Internship 2018

Meet Liz - 2018 Summer 2-Week Immersion

5 Reasons to Bypass Barcelona & Study Abroad in Madrid

How To Be a Traveler and Not Just a Tourist

Five Cheap Lunches for the Girl-on-the-Go: Madrid Edition

Meet Ashlyn - 2018 Summer 2-Week Immersion

9 Types of People You Meet When You Move to Madrid

Soft Skills: Travel Your Way to a Better Resume

Solo Travel Like a Pro - Tips for the Girl on the Go

How to Save Over $3,350 in 6 Months

Ways to Fund Your Student Travels

How to Work in Spain Post-Grad

I Studied Abroad in Spain! - Life Now

Madrid Neighborhoods as TV Characters

Master Spanish at the Top 5 Language Academies in Madrid

Talking to Parents about Going Abroad

PINC Alumni Reflections: Professional Development Abroad

PINC Alumni Reflections: Life Lessons Abroad

Not Your Grandma's Guide: Reina Sofia Museum

Mobile Apps for Travel Part II: Ready? Set, Jet!

Not Your Grandma's Guide: Retiro Park, Madrid

Meet Jaylene- Immersion 2017

Not Your Grandma's Guide: Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Cracking the Prado Museum

7 MORE Inspiring Travel Instagrams to Follow Now

Meet Natalie- Immersion 2017

7 Inspiring Travel Instagrams to Fuel Your Wanderlust

What is a Living Resume?

The Realities of FOMO While Studying Abroad

Meet Fiona - Internship 2017

Meet Heidy - Immersion 2017

Meet Kelsey - Internship 2017

The Real Reasons Why Your Internship is Beneficial to You!

Maintaining Productivity in The Age of Distraction

New Year, New Goals, New Resolutions!

Meet Nicole - Immersion Summer 2017

Meet Krystal- Immersion Summer 2017

Meet India- Internship 2017

Meet Bianca - Summer Immersion 2017

Meet Cierra - Immersion 2017

Meet Alex- Internship 2017

Meet Samantha - Internship 2017

Meet Athena - Summer Immersion 2017

Meet Caitlyn- Internship 2017

Meet Harley- Internship 2017

Meet Xochilt - Immersion 2017

Meet Maren - Internship 2017

Meet Erin - Internship 2017

Dear Freshmen...Sincerely, A Senior

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie?

Confidence 101: Comfort Zones

Safety First! - Tips on How to be Safe when Traveling

Top 3 Spanish Cities to Visit Outside of Madrid and Barcelona

Meet Kim - Internship 2017

Meet Lexie - Internship 2017

Resume Tip #2: International Experience

It's Always Festival Season in Spain

Meet Jaclyn. City Manager - Barcelona

Meet Shawna - Internship 2017

Welcome Vanessa - Immersion 2017

Meet Mariel! New PINC Team Member

Spanish Getaway

Resume Tip: Go Abroad !

7 Ways To Help Master A New Language

Travel is Beneficial to Your Life

You Know You’re Ready to Travel When…

Mobile Apps to Assist with Travel

The Balancing Act

5 Reasons to Start Traveling in Your 20s

PINC Internship Welcome Monica Quintana

Mo Money, Less Problems

Tips for Saving Money as a College Girl

Pre-Internship State of Mind

Welcome Monica - Madrid Internship!

PINC Welcomes Stephanie Lambert to Barcelona!

PINC Internship Welcomes Victoria Chirdo

My favorite false-friend - Language Fail

Not sure if how to approach picking a study abroad program?

PINC Welcomes, UMich, Ellie Miller

Madrid Internship Welcomes Remi Hampton

Reasons to be in Barcelona this Summer!

Summer Internship 2016 Welcomes Bailey Frecker

Summer Internship 2016 Welcomes Abby Stephens

Madrid Summer Internship Welcomes Jaclyn Kueny

Welcome Jenn - Winter Immersion 2015

Hidden Gems: Day Trip Treasures

Go Abroad and Receive Credit...

Welcome Natalie – Winter Immersion 2015

Welcome Madison – Winter Immersion 2015

Spending Money on Food in Madrid

Talking to Parents about Going Abroad

Wanna Go Abroad? Ask Yourself These Questions!

Welcome Caroline - Winter Immersion 2015

Welcome Skylah - Winter Immersion 2015

Welcome Carleigh - Winter Immersion 2015

Welcome Kristina - Winter Immersion 2015

Gardens and Green Spaces in Madrid

Foodie Alert: Best Bang for Your Buck in Madrid

Nightlife in Madrid! Bars, Lounges & Clubs

Neighborhood Markets in Madrid

Segovia - Day Trip from Madrid

PINC Personal & Professional Workshops

Madrid By Barrios: Sol

Madrid In a Day

Day Trips You Don’t Find in Travel Books Pt. 2

Madrid By Barrios: Ópera

Madrid by Barrios: Chueca

Day Trips You Don't Find in Travel Books

Vale, pues… More Spanish Words and Expressions!

Tapas Dictionary Guide

FUN Cultural Differences Between Spain and the U.S.A.

Madrid By Barrios: Malasaña

Madrid By Barrios: Chamartín

12 Very “Spanish” Spanish Words and Expressions

Madrid Tapas On A Budget Guide

Art in Madrid on a Budget

Madrid by Barrios: Lavapiés

PINC Housing in Madrid

Welcome Alexandria Michaelis

Meet PINC Intern Sarah Olivo!

Booking Your Weekend Trips Tips

PINC Summer Intern Amanda Rose Price

PINC Summer Intern Amanda Fernandez

PINC's HerCampus' Book Contest!

Unnoticed or Unused College Services You're Paying For!

College Girls Guide: Social Media After College to Build Your Brand

10 Reasons PINC is the Program for You!

College Girls Guide: 8 Ways to be a Great Roommate

PINC Summer Intern Elle Wisnicki

Meet PINC Intern Magaly!

International Women's History Month!

Meet Gisel – PINC Intern 2015

Meet Sydney - PINC Intern 2015

Three Tips for Starting your Semester Stress-Fee

College Girls Guide: College Career Fairs

College Girls Guide: Going Out on a Budget

10 Booking Flight Trends & Travel Tips

Make 2015 Resolutions Work for You!

PINC's Spring 2015 Intern - Christiena Auguste

PINC's Spring 2015 Intern - Natalia Lombana

Female Entrepreneur's Day - My Lessons

College Girls Guide: Dress Like a Local in Madrid

College Girls Guide: Shopping on a Budget

College Girls Guide: Act Like a Local in Madrid

Budgeting 101 Part 1

Advice to 20-Year-Old Me…

Intern Weekend Trip to Valencia Day 2

Intern Weekend Trip to Valencia Day 1

Internship Stories - "Dos Besos"

Speaking Spanish in the Shops

Meet Sarah! PINC Intern for Summer 2014

First Day Internship Tips

Using Credit Cards Abroad in Madrid

Packing List for Your Summer in Madrid

Meet Ashley - PINC Intern 2014

Speaking Spanish in Spain

Meet PINC Intern Erica!

How to Nail an Interview - Interview Tips

Safety First in Madrid

Meet PINC Intern - Molly!

Meet Deirdre - PINC Intern 2014

The Conquer Club NYC - Networking Event

Tory Burch Foundation Entrepreneur Event

NYC Startup Grind with Gary Vaynerchuk

My PINC Fairy Godmother

Testing the Business Model

‘Aha! Moment’ – The PINC business idea.

'What would you do if you weren't afraid?’

Would you like an online course booklet that further explains the PINC programs?