‘Aha! Moment’ – The PINC business idea.

‘Aha! Moment’ – The PINC business idea.

PINC INTERNATIONAL LLC was officially incorporated in the state of New York, January 14, 2014. People advised me to lead on ‘that the company is too new, you wont look credible’. In many regards I totally understood, but by the same token: It is NEW because the OLD wasn’t working. What I can say is that my ability to launch this company successfully has been 8 years in the making and that is something to genuinely credible!

While working in Madrid, I managed countless interns from all parts of the world.  In July 2013, I met two female American interns that changed my perspective on interns in the work place. I grew very attached to Meg and Amy. In so many regards they reminded me of myself at 21 years old, yet I secretly wondered if I was as brave as they were at that age. I mean, they signed up for an unpaid internship in Spain, where they spoke no Spanish nor had ever been to the country.

In one candid chat, early on in the internship, I discussed how their program worked. “Housing, unpaid work placement and a couple of group meals in an 8-10 weeks program for HOW MUCH???” I was left floored and even angry. Why angry? Because I am a product of the American university system and for that amount of money they should have been getting a whole hell of a lot more PLUS more supervision from the internship coordinator. I asked them “They must have offered Spanish classes, I mean you are living in Madrid. What about a day trip? Networking events? A list of all the summer celebrations around the city?” Each question was answered in a resounding “No”. But worse, I saw their brows start to frown. I changed the tone of the conversation and assured them that at the very least we would get them into Spanish classes so that at the weekend they could talk to local handsome Spanish guys.

I walked back to my desk, filled with all these emotions on their behalf and mine, and thought “I can totally develop a wayyy better program than this.” And there you have it, my ‘Aha! Moment’, the moment I had waited for since I was 15 years old. “I can do this and I am going to!”

20140201-004743.jpg Meg & Amy with Lisette, the Founder of PINC Internship


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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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