Advice to 20-Year-Old Me…

Advice to 20-Year-Old Me…

Lisette, 20 years old with her father in La Paz, Bolivia Lisette, 20 years old with her father in La Paz, Bolivia visiting family.

What advice do you wish you could tell your 20-year-old self?

If I could go back in time, 10 years ago, and have a conversation with myself at 20 years old, I imagine my younger self would be in complete and utter shock at what I completed by the time I was 30 years old. Graduating college and finding work in Manhattan was rather certain, and that is exactly what I did until I was 24 years old. However, I never even dreamt after that that I would move to Spain, work in Madrid, study an MA in Bilingual Education, learn Spanish, travel around Europe, and start my own company all before my 30th birthday.

With that said, there were times I wish I had the me today to hug and advise the 20 year old Lisette.

Well, 20-year-old Lisette, here’s my advice…

1. Learn basic budgeting. Don't go off and spend every paycheck you have! Start understanding the importance of financial planning, saving and investing. Learning the basics of these skills now will ultimately allow you to enjoy more of the luxuries of life later.

2. Don't sass your parents. They have nothing but the best of intentions for you. Respect their opinions and suggestions, don't write them off. I know it's hard to listen to all that they tell you, but 9 out of 10 times, they are right - so instead of putting up a fight, say THANK YOU!

3. Beauty fades dumb is forever. Find a way to always continue your education. Through reading, podcasts, webinars, workshops, etc. Education doesn't only come in the form of classroom, so keep bettering yourself everyday. Also, the beauty fades slower is you use SPF everyday! ;)

4. A shower, a funny film and a good sleep cures all. Sh!t will happen that will make you angry, sad, disappointed, betrayed ... but with time those feelings will diminish and those three little acts go along way!

5. Don't take yourself too seriously. Be yourself and have fun being you. I'm not saying dance on more bars, I'm saying all those times you wanted to be "respected" and "act mature", came off TOO serious. Let people see the authentic fun-loving you and I guarantee you'll attract more people your way.

This was such a fun exercise to do and think about. I recommend everyone give their younger self a piece of advice.

Lisette, Freshman year at University at Albany (SUNY) Lisette, Freshman year at University at Albany (SUNY)

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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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