7 Inspiring Travel Instagrams to Fuel Your Wanderlust

7 Inspiring Travel Instagrams to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Got a serious case of wanderlust? This list won't help. We have put together a list of some of our favorite travel Instagram accounts. These young women are total trailblazers! Like PINC International, they generally promote the idea of unity, global citizenship, female empowerment. and their adventurous spirit is inspiring us to take the road less traveled.

Not only do these superstar travel bloggers seem to have an insatiable curiosity for the world around them but also they know how to travel in style and with class. Click on their handles to see their individual Instagrams, full of stunning photographs. We also encourage you to explore their travel blogs that provide resources with advice about packing, guides for different cities, and general lifestyle articles. So let us know what you think and happy wanderlusting!

#1: @1nomadicdreamer

Sarah Dodd's Instagram and blog are dedicated to "spread(ing) a message of friendship and connections through travel." She even gave a Ted Talk in León, Spain, where she talked about some of the important life lessons she has learned through travel, such as the importance of opening your heart, having new experiences, and connecting with people who are different than yourself.


#2: @cassiedepecol

Cassie, who also runs a blog, travel Insta, and triathlon, is the FIRST WOMAN to have traveled to every country in the world. She has literally been everywhere, and she did it in 18 months. She called her adventure "Expedition 196." Her role as an activist for environmental rights and women's rights and world peace align her perfectly with PINC International's mission to promote travel and international education.


#3: @court_scott

Courtney is a filmmaker, editor, travel blogger, DJ, writer, and TV host... in other words she is super cool! You can check out her website where she self identifies as a creator, and says that she is "driven by the power travel has to awaken, connect and inspire."


#4: @glographics

Gloria Atanmo is a self-proclaimed "adventure junkie" with one of our favorite travelgrams. Oh, and we cannot forget to mention that Glo has one of the most unbelievable wardrobes and an infectious smile! Her goal to encourage other young women to travel the world as a means of educating themselves is what PINC International is all about. Take a look at her amazing blog for even more inspiration. You won't regret it!

#5: @mylifeasatravelmovie

Alyssa's account is known for her "back-of-head" selfies, but let us tell you, these are not your standard Instas. Alyssa's photos are taken in the most incredible places. Iceland, Japan, Svalbard, India, and Brazil are some of her favorite countries out of the 56 that she has visited so far. She has worked hard to get to where she is as a successful travel blogger, which is an important thing to remember if you are just starting out as a young female traveler: sometimes it takes time and it isn't always easy. Alyssa's Instagram and blog are a never-ending supply of travel inspiration for us and for more tips.

#6: @nneya

Nneya's Instagram showcases her enviable sense of style and some sublime backdrops. On top of this, she has a SoundCloud account where she talks about her experience on the road with love and travel. Through both her Soundcloud and her Instagram, Nneya promotes cultural exchange through travel, which is something we here at PINC International always support.

#7: @thesocialgirltraveler

Jen Morilla, one of the co-founders of The Nomad Scout, manages this stunning Instagram account, where she promotes solo female travel and giving back. Jen's all about travel and going after what you want in life. Yet, this doesn't stop her from supporting some pretty meaningful causes, like From Waves for Water.  Jen has been to Cuba, England, Costa Rica, and Spain. Her blog, with the same name, The Social Girl Traveler, is equally exciting and easy to scroll through.

Happy Wanderlusting!

Anna Whetzle

Written by Anna Whetzle

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