10 Reasons PINC is the Program for You!

10 Reasons PINC is the Program for You!

10 Reasons PINC is a kick-@ss Program!


Lisette and interns at an international networking event in Madrid. Lisette and interns at an international networking event in Madrid.

PINC: Professional Internships for Networking & Connections is a female-only 8-week Summer internship program in Madrid. The PINC is for young women (+18), who are ambitious and interested in unlocking their inner leader! Discover your strengths, build your resume, meet international contacts and explore Spain. Invest in yourself and an unforgettable experience!

PINC believes that empowering and educating young women is the key to building confident, inspiring, and innovative minded women of the future.

Here we have compiled 10 kick-@ss reason this is the program for you!

It’s the perfect blend of study abroad and summer internship. Taking a whole semester to study abroad is a huge commitment both academically and financially. There is so much pressure to get a summer internship, why not add awesome factors like a cool destination (Madrid), immerse yourself in a foreign language (Spanish), work in an international company atmosphere (internship) and meet and connect with other students from colleges across the US (I smell a road trip for your next spring break).

You’ll still have time to see family and friends from home. PINC’s program is scheduled to give you time to head home, see family and friends for a couple of weeks after finals and time for a couple of weeks before Fall semester. Honestly, I say grab your BFF who goes to another college and together make Summer memories in Madrid!

Summers in Madrid are THE BEST. The sunrises at 6:45am and the sunsets is normally around 9:45pm! Yes – almost 10pm!!! It's the best because you really can enjoy the long city days and outdoor culture.

Terrazas, Terrazas, Terrazas. As previously mentioned, Spain has a huge outdoor culture. What I mean by this is, as soon as its warm enough to sit, eat or drink outside – everyone does it! Nothing is more enjoyable than meeting friends for dinner on an outdoor terrace and enjoying a 2 hour meal while taking in the beautiful city sights and bustling atmosphere. And there is no tipping taboot!

SALES! REBAJAS! SALES! The entire city goes on sale (REBAJAS) twice a year, once after Christmas in January & February and another right before the new school year in July & August. Sales range from 50% to 80% OFF ALL STORES! Don’t forget chic, stylish shops like Zara, Mangos, Desigual & Bershka are Spanish brands. That’s why it is important to bring a nice big suitcase to stock up on great stylish Spanish clothing. Don’t forget they also have an H&M on every corner and even a FOREVER 21!

“Recruiters talked to me much longer once I mentioned ‘my recent internship was actually in Madrid this summer’. It felt great!” After the 8 weeks, I don’t magically disappear. I’m still very involved with what you are doing and this includes encouraging you to go to your career fair. Part of the 8-week program includes workshops, and one focuses on how to talk about your experience to make you stand out. This fall when past interns went to their career fair they noticed recruiters really enjoyed hearing about their Spanish adventures and travels. One past PINC intern said “once I mentioned Madrid, the recruiter ended up talking about her time in France and how it was some of the best memories she had of college. It made writing the follow up email easier because I knew for a fact she was going to remember me, and not only that, she contacted me back right away!!!”. Its moments like this that remind me why PINC is special.

"Being able to put the internship on my resume has really made it impressive and companies have been reaching out to me via Facebook particularly because I have that experience! I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be a part of PINC I truly do miss all of you and I miss the PINC meetings with everyone.” This comment needs no explanation.

"School has been going very good this semester! I have been exceeding greatly in my business classes and I have you and my internship to thank for that!” This program is designed to help you use your new acquired skills from your internship and translate them to past and future classes and work opportunities.

A bottle of wine starts at 2 euros. That’s all I have to say on that topic :)

10 Memories. Madrid Memories are unlike any other memories you can make. Once you’ve experienced the Madrid culture, only others who have also lived through it will understand the great memories you’ll have. Living in Madrid automatically gains you access to being part of an unspoken group of people who know the true meaning of living in the moment. PINC is offering you access to be part of this group!

8- week INTERNSHIP program in Madrid 8- week INTERNSHIP program in Madrid

In case you un able to be part of the 8-week program we also offer a 3-week Immersion Program. 

PINC Immersion Program is a 3-week experience in Madrid, filled with a week of engaging Spanish classes, a week of fun 'Discover Madrid' activities, and a week of PINC professional and personal development workshops. This also includes a day trip to enchanting Segovia, a day of shadowing a professional in a specific industry or department, networking events in order to meet professionals abroad, mentorship program, travel and more. You can also visit our online booklet that goes into a detailed of who we are, the program, housing, safety and more. 

For more information please email me at info@pincinternational.com/ or visit http://pincinternational.com/contact-us/


Would you like a course booklet that goes more into detail about the PINC programs? Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

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Lisette Miranda

Written by Lisette Miranda

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